We welcome new journal propositions and the transfer of established journals (as per our guidelines). We welcome membership from established 'in print' journals who may wish to expand and raise their profile by using our 'open access' platform.

Open access publishing is now becoming the preferred method of dissemination of experimental results and academic discourse. Its advantages include: – the rapid processing, 'peer review' for quality assurance, rapid publication and international availability for download and review. This system does not embargo research findings to only those who can afford paid access to the article or print journal. Open access publishing is the evolutionary product of the information technology age.

We in the open access publishing community are working with libraries, granting bodies research institutions and central administrations to facilitate core funding for open access publication to allow global dissemination of research findings.


OA Publishing London authors retain the copyright to their work.

When the authors retain the copyrights to their work, they are allowed unlimited use and/or distribution of their work without any form of restriction.

In this model, articles are freely downloadable from OA Publishing London website, OA Publishing London journals’ websites or any website supported by OA Publishing London.

In this model, articles and data can be re-used and re-distributed without restrictions, as long as the original work of the authors is clearly and correctly identified and cited.


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