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Monkeypox – Role Of Sex In Its Transmission

Over 15,000 Americans have been affected during the 2022 monkeypox epidemic that has spread to 95 nations.

However, the virus may also be spread via intimate contact that does not entail sex. Most recorded cases have occurred in males who have intercourse with other men.

A case report of a guy who caught monkeypox during an outdoor event without engaging in sexual activity was recently reported in Emerging Infectious Diseases by researchers from Stanford Medicine.

The report states that the guy spent the previous four days at various outdoor activities with many people and engaged in frequent, close skin-to-skin contact while dancing.

In his interactions with others, he did not see any skin blemishes or signs of illness. Lesions appeared on his hands, lips, stomach, and back around two weeks later.

He said that in the three months following his symptoms, he had no sexual activity whatsoever. Here's what we know about monkeypox, role of sex in its transmission.

Message From Current Case Report

Recently, the infection rate has been greatest among males who engage in sexual activity with other males.

Individuals in this category should be immunized and limit their sexual partners.

This shows that close, long-term skin-to-skin contact is all that's needed for monkeypox to spread, not sexual contact.

The virus doesn't discriminate based on sexual orientation or other factors.

The virus that causes monkeypox may infect any person.

However, the best strategy to contain this pandemic is to focus our public health efforts on the main group of people to whom the virus is being spread.

Most skin-to-skin transmission cases occur when an infected individual's lesion comes into contact with another person's skin, particularly damaged skin.

From the coronavirus pandemic, we know that the chance of getting sick depends on how much and how long you are around infected people.

Genital or anal lesions may be a sign of sexually acquired disease.

The fact that there are no sores in that area suggests that this person may not have had sex as they grew up.

The monkeypox virus has not only been found in skin lesions but also saliva, semen, the nose, mouth, eyes, and the rectum, suggesting that it may spread to various bodily locations.

There needs to be large-scale research to prove that symptoms vary depending on the transmission mechanism.

Anal intercourse probably raises the chance of monkeypox transmission more than other forms of sex, much as it does for HIV transmission.

Gays And Bisexuals Are Susceptible To Monkeypox

The current epidemic of monkeypox, which began in May 2022, is the largest worldwide outbreak of monkeypox on record, with over 48,000 reported cases.

Since this pandemic has reached such proportions, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency.

Although anybody may get monkeypox, the epidemic is disproportionately affecting homosexual, bisexual, and other sexually active males.

A multipronged strategy has been designed to combat the spread of monkeypox, including measures like expanding access to immunizations and disseminating healthcare-related educational messaging for gays and bisexuals in a way that doesn't make them feel uncomfortable.

The objective is to reduce the likelihood of monkeypox spreading in this area.


While vaccination is an important part of the monkeypox response, it is not a silver bullet.

There is a scarcity of vaccines worldwide, so nations must work together to find efficient ways to vaccinate high-risk groups without causing stigma and prejudice.

The only way to end this epidemic is for all of the people and organizations impacted by it to work together to do it.

Even though the responsibility to act is shared, health authorities and governments must direct resources and help to where they will have the most impact.

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