Update from Head & Neck Oncology

This is the official and active website of Head & Neck Oncology (ISSN: 1758-3284) (“the Journal”). The Journal was launched in 2008 by its four Editors-in-Chief (Adel El-Naggar, Colin Hopper, Waseem Jerjes and Tahwinder Upile) and hosted by BioMed Central (the publisher). Unfortunately, due to disagreement between BioMed Central and the Editors-in-Chief, BioMed Central ceased publishing the Journal in August 2012.
To ensure the continuity of this world-class publication and to provide support for our authors and readers, the four Editors-in-Chief exercised their rights under their agreements with BioMed Central as a result of which all rights in the Journal were transferred to the four Editors-in-Chief. The Editors-in-Chief have since transferred their rights to the Journal to Open Access Publishing London (“OAPL”) who will continue to publish it according to the highest ethical standards upheld by the Editors-in-Chief from the day they decided to launch this specialised journal. It has been agreed with OAPL that the Journal will continue to apply the open access model and closed peer-review system. On 9 September 2012, the Journal published its first article under the new publisher (OAPL). We were pleased to see that our world-class editorial board remains unchanged during these uneasy times.

The old archived Head & Neck Oncology website (hosted by BioMed Central: http://www.headandneckoncology.org/) includes all the published articles from 12 January 2009 to 28 June 2012.  This website of archived material is completely inactive and any material (in the form of announcements, citations publications, advertisements or any other form) added to the website after BioMed Central ceased publication of the Journal (on 9th August 2012) is the responsibility of BioMed Central alone. The current owner of the Journal (OAPL) and the four Editors-in-Chief do not consent to the addition of new materials to the website of archived material hosted by BioMed Central and accept no responsibility therefor.

If you have any concern, please write to Head & Neck Oncology on Editor@open-access-london.com