OA Microbiology is a multidisciplinary open access 'peer reviewed' journal that publishes basic, clinical and applied research concerning all aspects of microbiology including:

Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology      Microbial Structure & Function

Fungi & other Eucaryotic Protists      Infection & Immunity      Microbial Ecology

Physiology, Metabolism & Enzymology      Virology, Genetics & Molecular Biology


OA Microbiology is committed to publishing high quality 'peer reviewed' manuscripts that illustrate the most important and 'cutting edge' developments in all areas of microbiology.

At OA Microbiology we are interested in all aspects of the microbial world with its diverse interactions not only between microbial cells but also with a host of other organisms and physical/chemical processes within the biosphere.  OA Microbiology also provides the research community an opportunity to show how the microbial world may be exploited for commercial gain and the betterment of human, plant, animal and environmental health and benefit. Our understanding of microorganisms expands on a daily basis as a result of the application of cutting edge ‘in vivo’ and ‘in vitro’ techniques and methodologies. OA Microbiology welcomes research that describes the application of ‘omic’ technologies to the study of microorganisms as well as reports of new ‘in silico’ approaches to help with the mining of data generated from such experimental approaches.