OA Musculoskeletal Medicine is a multidisciplinary open access 'peer reviewed' journal that publishes basic and clinical research concerning all aspects of musculoskeletal medicine including:

Prevention      Diagnosis      Management      Molecular Genetics

Pathophysiology      Epidemiology


OA Musculoskeletal Medicine is committed to publishing high quality 'peer reviewed' manuscripts that illustrate the most important and 'cutting edge' developments in all areas of musculoskeletal medicine including the disciplines of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Orthotics. We have a diverse and international editorial board, and in addition to the disciplines mentioned we will have the ability to consider articles on Biomechanics and Engineering, as well as the technical aspects of musculoskeletal medicine.

Medical science would not be complete without the development and demonstration of practical approaches. Therefore, brief communications are welcome presenting new and innovative techniques of treatment or engineering. The advisory board members of various disciplines will help to attract and publish this exciting content.

Life is movement! Muscles allow us to move; the skeleton supports or enhances movement. Impairments and disabilities inhibit the physiological range of function. Our purpose is to put forth a platform where multiple disciplines can come together for the benefit of the patient. We welcome ideas contributing to the  improvement of human physiological function.



ISSN 2052-9287