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It is very important to submit one's medical and scientific research for peer review to ensure its quality and exhibit the results for critique and the advancement of science.

Many grant awarding bodies and research institutions (NIH, MRC[UK], HHMI, UK PubMed Central Funder's group, Harvard, UCL[UK]) encourage or require open access publication. We realise that not all good research shows positive results, and this itself is a source of publication bias. Relevant negative results and new negative results contradicting the established but non tested givens will be encouraged by the OA PublishingLondon.


We will handle your submitted manuscript with confidentiality, courtesy and speed. OA Publishing London will aim to provide a competitive and very cost-effective solution to your manuscript publishing needs through its comprehensive library of scientific and medical journals. We will provide rapid peer review with constructive commentary to enable manuscript improvement which is followed will lead to successful publication. We will give authors the added opportunity to have their manuscripts considered by our other journals should the manuscript passed peer review but be found inappropriate for the particular journal it is submitted to. This will save the author time and ensures that our peer review process remains efficient. We will enable search engines to rapidly identify your peer reviewed manuscript once accepted by making them available to the scientific and medical indexing and tracking sites. We abide by the Publication Integrity and Ethics (PIE) guidelines and will not knowingly accept unethical research work. The editor-in-chief of the journal in question may be contacted to answer any particular submission enquiries.


OA Publishing London authors retain the copyright to their work.

When the authors retain the copyrights to their work, they are allowed unlimited use and/or distribution of their work without any form of restriction.

In this model, articles are freely downloadable from OA Publishing London website, OA Publishing London journals’ websites or any website supported by OA Publishing London.

In this model, articles and data can be re-used and re-distributed without restrictions, as long as the original work of the authors is clearly and correctly identified and cited.