Our Reviewers

We encourage reviewers with at least five years postgraduate medical experience or five years of postdoctoral experience with a high standard of English language. Reviewers provide an essential contribution to scientific research by quality assuring presented manuscripts. Reviewers by their experience have a unique insight into medical and scientific research and the current state of the literature. By sharing their expertise, the wider population and society in itself benefits. We acknowledge the time and effort devoted by our reviewers and we have a unique reward scheme which may be beneficial to their own research output, professional appraisal and personal development portfolio. Reviewers will be provided with an annual breakdown of their yearly reviewing experience with an equivalent statement of continuing professional development hours spent in this work. Reviewers will also receive discounts and waivers for the submission of their own research work submitted to OA Publishing London.


Much can be learned by reviewing a manuscript not least in itself the process of writing a winning manuscript submission. Many of our reviewers have been very successful submitting authors after learning the art of scientific and medical writing by observation and constructive critique.


Reviewers will first check the manuscript for scientific accuracy and coherence and then whether the selected journal is the correct platform for the manuscript. We value their recommendations and our systems are designed to make reviews easier for them to accept articles for peer-review, complete their reviews and provide rapid feedback.

Confidentiality is very important in all aspects of the reviewing cycle. We expect the highest standards of professional behaviour from all our reviewers. Courtesy and respect for our submitting authors is essential in promoting the submission cycle of high-quality research. The written word does not always convey tone and all responses must be polite and constructive. They must also be written in high quality English and be justified. It is essential that all reviewers declare any conflicts of or completing interests.

Reviewers are supported by their senior journal editorial team (Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor and Executive Editor) and when required by the independent publishing house medical and scientific team.