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Updated: Mar 07, 2022

Recent Study Shows How Gut Microbes Can Be Linked To Depression

According to a recent study, microbes that make their home in the gut may have an impact on mental health. According to the most extensive genomic and metabolomic investigation of depression to date, patients with major depressive illness have a distinctive mix of viruses, bacteria, and their metabolic products in their gastrointestinal tracts.

Is It Better To Publish Open Access?

In the field of scholarly publication, open access (OA) is one of the most extensively debated subjects today. There are several advantages to publishing under an Open Access framework. Open Access brings us back to the values of science by advancing knowledge and improving society.

Gut Microbiota Play Role In Neurological Disorders

The gut microbiota plays a critical role in the bidirectional connections between the gut and the neurological system. It interacts with the central nervous system (CNS) through modulating brain chemistry and altering neuro-endocrine systems that are involved in stress response, anxiety, and memory function, among other things.

Vaginal Microbiome Affects The Fetal Growth

The vaginal microbiome can significantly impact the fetus growth. The effects of exposure to different maternal microbiota at birth on child growth, circulating immunity, and hypothalamus gene expression patterns have been studied.

Understanding Copyrights In Open Access Publication

Open Access Journals allow authors to keep their article rights. Instead of publishing open access, the author might sign a copyright transfer agreement and forfeit all rights to their paper.

Fathers' Drinking Habits Contribute To Fetal Development Issues

An increasing body of evidence reveals that fathers' drinking habits significantly impact the well-being of their future children — before they are conceived, throughout gestation, and long after they are born.

Are Dairy And Grains Still Food Groups?

"Milk and alternatives" and "meat and alternatives" were two of the four food groups in the previous food guide, however, they are now combined. Lower-fat milk, yogurt, kefir, and cheese are all examples of protein foods provided by Health Canada. Bread, tortillas, rice, pasta, and breakfast cereals made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, or other grains are examples of grain foods.

Risk Of Lead Poisoning in Children

Lead may harm people of all ages, but children under the age of six are more vulnerable, in part because their developing bodies absorb more lead.

Publish Subscription Vs Open Access

It is the most often asked question by authors throughout the writing process. So knowing the difference between an open access journal and a subscription journal is the first step in deciding whether to use open access or subscription model for your publication.

mRNA Vaccines- Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the potential of synthetically modified mRNA to tackle a variety of illnesses in an effective and safe manner.

Preventing Pandemics Is Cheaper Than Fighting Them

Taking preventative actions to lower the probability of a pandemic would cost around 500 times less than reacting to a pandemic.

Climate Change Affecting Marine Ecosystem

With an increase in greenhouse gas concentrations, the oceans are capturing increasing energy from the sun, causing an increase in sea surface temperatures and rising sea levels.

Does Open Access Mean Free?

The approach of providing published academic publications freely and permanently available online so that anyone can read and build upon this knowledge is known as open access

Researchers Developed 3D Living Cell Simulation

The scientists at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign created a three-dimensional simulation that replicated these physical and chemical features at the particle level, thereby establishing a dynamic model that replicated the behaviour of a natural cell.

Epigenetic Clocks- Features As Aging Marker

An epigenetic clock is a biochemical test that may determine one's chronological age. Precisely, DNA methylation levels are measured, adding methyl groups to one's DNA molecules serving as the basis for the test results.

Funding Models For Open Access Publishers

Charging authors for article processing costs is not the only economic model used by open access publishers to generate revenue. New approaches for earning cash to pay the costs of publishing a journal have arisen in recent years, including subscription-based models.

The Internet Archive- Evolving Publications Accessibility In The Digital Age

The Internet Archive is a non-profit organisation that hosts access to millions of books, films, software, music, websites, and other digital content materials.

Major Sources Of CBD

In case you didn't know, industrial hemp and cannabis are the two major sources of CBD. Despite being members of the same family, both plants are genetically unique creatures with vastly different histories and evolutionary routes. They both contain CBD, however, they are very distinct plants in terms of cultivation, CBD production, and general use.

Understanding The Science Of CBD

A knowledge of neuroscience is required to understand how the cannabis plant interacts with the animal body and brain. For this reason, knowing the science of CBD and its nature is vital.

Myths About Open Access Publication

Open Access is a popular method of making high-quality, peer-reviewed information freely available to anybody. There are a lot of misunderstandings concerning open access.

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