Board of Trustees

08 Jan, 2013

The Board of Trustees comprises fifteen members who have either been elected or specifically recruited – usually for their specific skills or experience. The trustees do not hold shares with Open Access Publishing London Limited and are not employed by OA Publishing London.

The Board of Trustees provide strategic direction to the publishing house, overseeing activities and progress. The Board of Trustees meets once a year and they are responsible for overseeing the management of the journals, dealing with complaints and all ethical issues raised by the authors/reviewers and/or editors.

Our Trustees are initially appointed for a four-year period and can serve a second, equal term before standing down. The Board is required to follow the principles established by Association for Medical Ethics and Publications and Integrity Ethics (PIE) Guidelines.

The governing body and major shareholders of Open Access Publishing London Limited have confirmed with the Board of Trustees that they will continue a policy of Gold Open Access ethical peer-reviewed publishing of research articles.