What are the publisher's commitments?

OA Publishing London is committed to open access publishing of high-quality peer-reviewed research articles.


What is the publisher's role?

OA Publishing London will do its utmost to assist editors, reviewers and authors during their interaction with its Journals. We have developed several online quality assured systems involved in submission, review process, final publishing and indexing and tracking of the article by the various search engines.


What is different about this publisher?

OA Publishing London is committed to providing a cost-effective solution to individual researchers, specialist societies and research organisations which will enable them to rapidly process scholarly research findings and debate through a quality assured peer review system to final publication and instant access. OA Publishing London is also committed to providing competitive open access publication of peer-reviewed materials.

OA Publishing London is committed to promoting education and research in developing countries and has put in place processes to allow the waiver of article processing charges in these cases.

OA Publishing London will use ethical advertising to help defray the costs , however the house will be open to discussion with the Editors in chief to modify any deemed not suitable within their journal.