Volume 1 Issue S1

Proceedings of the 2013 annual meeting of the Netherlands Epidemiology Society

This contribution lists the abstracts of the oral and poster presentations of the 2013 annual meeting of the Netherlands Epidemiology Society held in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This year theme was on Epidemiology in Global Health: Challenges and Methods.

06 Jun, 2013

M.P.Zeegers, Editor-in-Chief of OA Epidemiology, OAPL (UK), London. Email: Epidemiology@open-access-london.com

All That Glitters Isn?t Gold: A Survey on Acknowledgement of Limitations in Biomedical Studies

Panel diagnosis as Reference Standard in diagnostic research: A systematic review and methodological recommendations

Shortcomings in Reporting and Methodology of Latent Class Models in Diagnostic Research: A Systematic Review

The Use of Non-Inferiority Margins in Vaccine Trials

How to Interpret and Report Net Reclassification Improvement? A Review and Recommendations

Estimating the Correlation between Infectivity and Incubation Period of Measles from Household Data

Requirements for Evolutionary Stability of Therapeutic Interfering Particles (TIPs) and HIV in High-Risk Populations

Mathematical Modelling for Onchocerciasis Control in Africa: Model Predictions, Actual Trends, and Remaining Challenges

Identification of Hotspots of Malaria Transmission; Paving the Road for Targeted and Effective Intervention Strategies

High-risk Urogenital HPV Infections in Paramaribo, Surinam: Prevalence and Risk Factors among Ethnic Diverse Women

Tracking of ?Metabolically Healthy? Abdominal Obesity

Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Treatment and the Development of Urinary Tract Infections

Prediction of Recurrent Bladder Tumors: A Comparison of Models for Correlated Event Times

The Effects of Work-Related Factors and Work Engagement on Mental and Physical Health: One Year Follow-Up Study among Older Workers

Egg Sensitization, but not Milk Sensitization, in Infancy Associated with Asthma during 11 Years of Follow-Up: The PIAMA Birth Cohort

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Community-Dwelling Elderly: A Bias-Adjusted Meta-Analysis

Fetal Gender of the First Born and the Recurrent Risk of Spontaneous Preterm Birth

Which Screening Strategy should be Offered to Women with BRCA Gene Mutations? Preliminary Findings of an Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis

BMI is Associated with Shorter Telomere Length: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies

Prediction Models in Obstetrics: A Systematic Review of Methodology and Reporting

Risk Factors of Coxiella Burnetii (Q fever) Seropositivity in Veterinary Medicine Students: A Cross-Sectional Study

Modeling within-host and population transmission of OXA-48 in K. pneumoniae and E. coli

Human Dose Response Relation for Airborne Exposure to Coxiella Burnetii

High Prevalence of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia Coli in People Living and/or Working on Dutch Broiler Farms

High Coxiella burnetii DNA load in serum during acute Q fever is associated with progression to a serologic profile indicative of chronic Q fever

Coxiella Burnetii Seroprevalence and Risk Factors in Sheep Farmers and Farm Residents in the Netherlands

Use of Metformin and Survival of Diabetic Women with Breast Cancer

Multiple Database Approach for Study of Associations between Frequently Used Drugs and Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Non-Affective Psychotic Disorders among Different Ethnic Groups and the Favorable Association with Own-Group Ethnic Density

The Attribution of Lifestyle Related Risk Factors in Middle Age on Breast Cancer Incidence in The Netherlands: Preliminary Results

Balancing Individual Benefits and Risks of Warfarin in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Insights into the Timing of Repeated Testing after Treatment for Chlamydia Trachomatis: Data and Modelling Study

Associations Between Smoking, Components of the Metabolic Syndrome, and Lipid Composition

Occupational Exposure to Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields and Cancer Incidence Risk in a Large Prospective Cohort Study

Changes in Smoking, Sports Participation and Overweight: Does Neighborhood Prevalence Matter?

New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation and Long-Term Risk of Heart Failure in the General Population: The Rotterdam Study

Alcohol Intake and Cognitive Decline at Middle Age: The Doetinchem Cohort Study

Environmental Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Exposure and Cognitive Function and Behaviour Problems in 5-6 Year Old Children

Combined Measures of Atherosclerosis Improve Cardiovascular Risk Prediction in Women

The Validation of Cardiovascular Risk Scores Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Can Vitamin D Deficiency be Predicted by Simple Patient Characteristics?

Risk Prediction Scores for Recurrence and Progression of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: An International Validation

Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Model: A Nomogram Based on Common Mammographic Screening Findings

The Competing Risk Effect of Non-Cardiovascular Mortality on Total Cardiovascular Risk Prediction: Non Cardiovascular Mortality Should Be Considered in the Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation (SCORE) Model

Occupational Asbestos Exposure and Risk of Esophageal, Gastric and Colorectal Cancer in the Prospective Netherlands Cohort Study

Lifestyle Risk Factors of Gastric Cancer and Its Precancerous Lesions in a Long-Term Cohort Study: Neglected Role of Opium and Hookah

The Association between Shift Work and Lifestyle Factors among 59,947 Female Nurses in the Nightingale Study

Adherence to the Dutch Guidelines for a Healthy Diet and Cancer Risk in the EPIC-NL Cohort

Vegetable, Fruit, and Nitrate Intake in Relation to the Risk of Barrett?s Esophagus in a Large Dutch Cohort


Dietary Intakes and Risk of Lymphoid and Myeloid Leukemia in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)

SNP-SNP Interactions in Association with Ovarian Cancer in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)

Pathway Analyses ? The Example of Age at Menarche and Breast Cancer in BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers

A Bioinformatics Based in silico Post GWAS Analysis of CRP Variants

QCGWAS: A Flexible R Package for Automated Quality Control of Genome-Wide Association Results Files

The Association between Use of Oral Contraceptive and Risk of Breast Cancer in BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers

IGF polymorphisms modify associations between energy balance and colorectal cancer risk: the importance of extensive environmental exposure data and aggregated genetic variants

Interactions between maternal diabetes mellitus, MTHFR 677C>T and periconceptional folate supplementation in the risk of congenital anorectal malformations

Selenoprotein P and glutathione peroxidase 1 genetic variants, toenail selenium status, and risk of advanced prostate cancer

Did the Dutch pneumococcal vaccination campaign decrease the need for antibiotics in children?