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Sydney Brooke Simpson - The Daughter Of NFL Hall Of Famer OJ Simpson

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Simpson. Sydney rose to prominence after her mother was discovered dead and authorities arrested her father, O.J., for his apparent involvement.

Sydney has since vanished from the media and has avoided being in the spotlight. Rather, the star kid tried to stay off the media radar.

Many people are curious about what Sydney Simpson is up to these days because of her secretive nature. Is Sydney in a relationship or has she already married? What was her life like after her mother died? We have all of the answers right here. Let's get started!

Who Is Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Sydney was born on October 17, 1985, to O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. She has an older brother, Justin Ryan Simpson, who was born in 1988.

On February 2, 1985, her parents married. They first met while Nicole was working as a waitress in a nightclub.

Despite the fact that he was still married to his first wife, he began dating Nicole. His extramarital affair with Nicole led to the dissolution of his first marriage to Marguerite L. Whitley, whom he divorced in March 1979.

Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason Lamar Simpson, and Aaren Lashone Simpson are Sydney Brooke's half-siblings. Aaren, Brooke's youngest half-sibling, was only two years old when she drowned in a family swimming pool in 1979.

Sydney's parents married in 1985 and had a happy marriage for a few years. O.J. and Nicole Brown also had two children in a short period of time. However, their marital life began to unravel in the late 1980s.

Nicole filed a domestic violence lawsuit against her then-husband in 1989. Simpson, on the other hand, pleaded not guilty to spousal abuse. Nicole filed for divorce three years later, on February 25th, 1992. She blamed their divorce on irreconcilable differences. They even attempted to rekindle their relationship, but it failed miserably.

Sydney’s Mother Was Found Dead In Her LA Home

Sydney’s Parents, Oj Simpson and Nicole Simpson
Sydney’s Parents, Oj Simpson and Nicole Simpson

Nicole, Sydney's mother, was discovered dead outside her Brentwood, LA home on June 12, 1994, along with another person. Brown, 35, and her friend Ron Goldman, a 25-year-old restaurant waiter, were discovered with multiple knife wounds by police.

Authorities discovered Brown in a fetal position in a pool of blood, and an autopsy revealed she had been stabbed seven times in the neck and scalp. She also had a 14-cm gash across her throat.

O.J. Simpson, Sydney's father, was arrested and charged with both murders; however, after a lengthy trial, a jury acquitted him.

Simultaneously, Simpson and Brown's young children were likely experiencing a great deal of trauma. Sydney was only eight years old when her mother was murdered. Worse, on it, she and her five-year-old brother were sleeping in Brown's condo.

Having their mother murdered and their father falsely accused of murder would have been difficult for them at an early age, it must have been really difficult.

The Impact Of Nicole's Murder On Sydney Simpson

Sydney Simpson along with her father and brother during her mother's funeral
Sydney Simpson along with her father and brother during her mother's funeral

Things were difficult for O.J. Simpson's daughter after the death of her mother and her father's public legal issues. For a time, Sydney Brooke Simpson went by the alias Portia to avoid media and local attention.

She was shy and reserved at work, and she kept quiet so that her colleagues didn't perceive her differently.

According to Georgia News Day, she and her brother kept a low profile while working at a restaurant in Georgia until one journalist tracked them down to expose the new lives the Brown-Simpson children were attempting to lead.

It's no surprise that Justin and Sydney Brooke Simpson don't want to be in the spotlight with all of this media attention.

The children's mother's murder was tragic enough, and it's clear that they don't want to relive that trauma through media interviews and tabloid appearances.

Whatever you think of O.J. Simpson, his children had nothing to do with their mother's death and are just as many victims as Nicole Brown.

Hopefully, the Brown-Simpson children will be able to live peacefully and recover from their trauma.

Where Is Sydney Simpson Now?

Sydney Brooke Simpson has understandably sought to protect her privacy from prying tabloid journalists since the trial.

While there have been rumors about Sydney's thoughts on the case, she has never issued a statement, and her family has stated that the murder is not something they discuss.

Sydney's beliefs about what happened that night are her own, and she has the right to remain silent about her mother's murder.

Despite the murder and the media's predatory advances, the Simpson children were able to move on with their lives. Sydney Simpson graduated from Boston University with a bachelor's degree in sociology and established her own business in Florida.

She currently makes a living through real estate. Her brother is a little more open about his life and also works in real estate. He is active on Twitter, where he shares articles and discusses real estate.

Sydney Brooke’s Net Worth

Sydney Brooke, the daughter of a famous footballer, was financially secure. She was estranged from her father following a traumatic event in her life.

Her younger brother, who also happens to be her business partner, lives with her. In the beginning, they worked as a coordinator in a restaurant in Georgia.

After that, inspired by their mother's work, they launched their catering company, simply known as LLC. She currently owns $10,000 and not only has her restaurant but also three properties.

She is the most important family member in her family because she is the oldest of siblings, so she has received the most attention.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Sydney Simpson was born in the home of a famous footballer, OJ Simpson, in October 1985. She is now approximately 36 years old, according to the calculations. There is considerable disagreement about Sydney Simpson's actual birthplace. She is said to have been born in California as her father's first child.

Where Does Sydney Simpson Live Now?

She is currently living with her brother in Los Angeles while running her business. Aside from that, she owns and operates a private restaurant. She has been very strong and successful in her life, and she has not only established her own life, but she has also supported her brother and made the courageous decision to not give up.

Is Sydney Simpson Married?

Sydney is not married as of 2022. In fact, she has yet to reveal her wedding plans. Given that she is already 36, there is a good chance she will marry soon if she is not already in a secret marital relationship.


Sydney Brooke Simpson rose to prominence as the daughter of football legend O.J. Simpson. Despite her popular parents and early life tragedy, she keeps her personal life private and avoids social media. She now owns a restaurant and works in real estate.

Despite the unfortunate events in Sydney's life and family, she has made a name for herself, carving out new identities separate from her father's.

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