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Treating Arthritis With CBD - A Total Breakdown

People who have osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, have a joint that is inflamed between two bones. This happens over many years. It starts out as a mild ache in the joints, but it soon turns into chronic pain, stiffness, and swelling. There are more than 46 million people in the United States who have some kind of physical problem because of arthritis, and a recent study found that treating arthritis with CBD can help a lot. Most people over the age of 50 have arthritis.

If you have the autoimmune disease Rheumatoid arthritis, you could be at any age, even if you were a child. Osteoarthritis-like inflammation is caused by the immune system attacking synovial membranes in the joints, which causes pain and swelling. This is because rheumatoid arthritis can cause a lot of damage to blood vessels, which affects more than just joints. CBD can help with this type of arthritis, and more information about it can be found in the entry for autoimmune disorders.

A 2001 study found that cannabinoid receptors play a role in the nervous system response that is linked to arthritis, and that "these new targets may be beneficial for the treatment of inflammatory pain."

Research shows that cannabinoids can also help with other types of inflammatory joint diseases, like gout.

Common Causes

The main types of arthritis each have different causes and risk factors, but these are the ones that most often come into play.

Older Age

Older age is a big factor in arthritis because cartilage becomes more brittle over time and can't repair itself as well as it used to. Osteoarthritis usually starts to happen between the ages of 40 and 50, but it can start earlier in some types of the disease.

Whether you're a child or an adult, arthritis can happen to you. People over the age of 50 are more likely to have symptoms, but they should be checked by everyone.

A lady wearing a t-shirt and a short holding her knee with her both hands
A lady wearing a t-shirt and a short holding her knee with her both hands


Joint damage in the past can make the surface of the joint look different than normal. People who have been hurt before are more likely to get arthritis in their wrists. The complex bone and cartilage structure can be easily damaged by impact or compression. Then there is arthritis in the knee caused by a fracture of the tibial plateau, where a piece of bone breaks through the cartilage of the knee joint and into the bone itself.


There are a lot of different kinds of infections that can happen around a joint, and some of them can cause cartilage to break down or skin lesions to spread into the joint or the synovial membrane. People who have a joint infection (septic joint), gout, or staph infections around a joint are more likely to get arthritis.

Autoimmune Factors

This is one of the types of inflammatory arthritis in which your immune system attacks your own tissues. Rheumatology is one of these. It's not clear what causes this to happen, but it could be because of genetic predisposition, infections, or exposures to the environment. There are antibodies in your body that attack your joints and organs. This makes your immune system more sensitive.


If you have certain types of arthritis, your genes may play a big role in how it happens, but the connection isn't clear yet. A family history of arthritis can raise the risk, depending on the type of arthritis. When it comes to the condition psoriatic arthritis, about 40% of people who have it have relatives who do, too.

People who have certain types of rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to have genetic markers called HLA-B27 and HLA-DR4. These markers are linked to certain types of arthritis. Variations in other genes may also play a role, including:

  • PTPN22 is a gene that is linked to both the development and the progress of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • STAT4 is a gene that plays an important role in the regulation and activation of the immune response.
  • TRAF1 and C5, two genes linked to chronic inflammation.
A small portion of a cannabis vegetation plant
A small portion of a cannabis vegetation plant

Using CBD For Arthritis - Dosage And Delivery

If you have a medical condition, you should work with a health care provider who has experience with CBD or medicinal cannabis so that dosage and delivery methods can be worked out and changed based on your own needs. Also, people who are well-educated and aware of their own health can act as their own very knowledgeable health consultants.

CBD-heavy cannabis can be used to make topical products that are applied to the skin. Other strains can also be used. A product with THC that is applied to the skin affects the cells near where it is applied, but it doesn't get through the blood-brain barrier and isn't psychoactive. These products may come in different forms, such as oils, ointments, sprays, or other things, and with different amounts of CBD and THC (a ratio of 1:1 is often recommended as ideal for skin application). The skin has the most CB2 receptors in the body, and they are spread out all over the body.

Products with a 4:1 ratio of CBD to THC, such as drops, capsules, or edibles that are taken sublingually have been the most effective at reducing pain from arthritis. All the time, start with the microdose to see if you're sensitive, and then go up as needed until your symptoms go away. To treat arthritis, it's usually best to take the micro to standard dose. There should be less THC in the total amount if the side effects are bothering you. You can either cut back on the dose or switch to a product with a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC. A strain high in cannabichromene (CBC), which has been shown to reduce inflammation, may be especially good for people with arthritis. Cannabis that has a lot of terpenes, like linalool, myrcene, and limonene, may have more synergistic effects than weed that has less.

When you have a lot of pain, you can vaporize or smoke to make it go away. When you eat something, it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes for it to work, but on an empty stomach, it works faster. It lasts six to eight hours, but the medication works right away. Vaporizers that use cartridges filled with CO2 concentrate are very good at what they do. These come in different ratios of CBD to THC, and they can be bought at different stores. They can also use herbal vaporizers that use the whole plant to get the medicine.

Animals with arthritis could get relief from their pain by having a CBD-only gel put on their skin. Researchers found that applying CBD to the skin could help ease arthritis pain and inflammation without causing any side effects, according to their findings.

Final Words

When arthritis starts, it's a complicated process that involves many different things. While you can't control all of them, there are things you can do to prevent arthritis or, if you already have it, to slow its progress, even though you can't control everything. The more you care about this, the more likely it is that simple treatments, if any, will work for as long as possible.

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