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Dog Bite Wounds And Injuries - How To Manage And Save Them From Infection


Dogs are man's best friend, but we can't forget that they're also animals. About 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, with half of those victims being children under the age of 9. According to the CDC, one in every five dog bite wounds and injuries causes serious enough harm to necessitate medical attention.

Dog bites are more common in children than in adults. Even though stray or unknown dogs may attack, most dog bites occur from dogs that humans are familiar with, such as family pets or friends' dogs.

The best method to protect yourself from the risks associated with dog bites is to get your own dog vaccinated against rabies and to avoid approaching strange dogs. Never pet an unfamiliar dog, no matter how cute it seems. Additionally, it's best to refrain from roughhousing or aggressively playing with any dogs, even familiar ones. Similarly, you should never interrupt a dog when it is resting, eating, or taking care of its pups.

Types Of Dog Bite Wounds

People who are bitten by dogs often recognize the animal that bit them. Children under the age of 15 are the most common victims of dog attacks, with those aged 5 to 9 years old being the most at risk. The most frequent area of a dog bite on a kid under the age of 10 is the head and neck, perhaps because a child's head is at or near the level of a big dog's jaws.

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More often than not, older kids and adults will suffer injuries to their arms, legs, and especially their right hand. Dog bites may cause a variety of injuries, from superficial scrapes to severe lacerations, puncture wounds, crush wounds, and even amputations. Canine attacks are seldom fatal.

It's a well-known fact that some dog breeds have a higher bite rate than others. Most dog bite injuries are caused by German Shepherds, pit bull terriers, and mixed breeds.

How To Treat Dog Bite Wounds And Injuries

The danger of infection from germs may be minimized by promptly treating a dog bite. To evaluate the extent of the injury, you need to additionally examine it. You may be able to provide yourself with first aid in certain situations. In other circumstances, quick medical attention is required.

After getting bitten by a dog, whether it be your own or someone else's, you may feel frightened and vulnerable. Instead of driving oneself to the doctor or hospital, call for assistance if you feel you need medical treatment. Follow below steps to find out what to do if a dog bites you and how to avoid getting sick.

  • Clean the cut with soap and warm water.
  • Carefully apply pressure with a clean towel over the cut to stem the bleeding.
  • Put some antibiotic cream on the cut.
  • Wrap it with a clean bandage and bind it well.
  • Look out for any symptoms of infection.
  • Seek medical attention if the cut is serious, you fear infection, or you may have been exposed to rabies.

Doctor explains how to assess and treat dog bites

People Also Ask

How Long Does A Dog Bite Puncture Wound Take To Heal?

If a wound has been properly cleaned and treated, it should begin to heal in approximately three to four days.

How Do You Treat A Wound On A Dog Bite?

  • Apply direct pressure with a clean, dry towel to the cut to staunch the bleeding.
  • Treat the cut with soap and water.
  • Put some antibiotic cream on the cut.
  • Apply a clean, dry bandage.
  • An immediate medical response is required in the case of a bite on the neck, face, hand, finger, or foot.

What Injuries Can A Dog Bite Cause?

Serious injuries can result from dog bites. Damage to the head and neck include cuts, broken bones, injured eyes, and scarring.

Final Words

When neglected, effects from dog bite wounds and injuries may be life-threatening. Dog bites can lead to more serious complications, such as bacterial infections, so it's crucial to get any signs of illness checked out very once.

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