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Differences Between Healing And Curing


This brings us to the topic of healing versus curing. Let us begin by dispelling some common myths. Many people interchange healing and curing, but they do not always mean the same thing. Curing refers to the process of completely eradicating an illness or disease. Whereas healing can occur on many different levels.

Healing On Many Different Levels

A man is doing outdoor meditation as part of his healing process
A man is doing outdoor meditation as part of his healing process
  • Healing on the physical level - This could mean completely eradicating an illness or simply restricting or relieving the symptoms for a time.
  • Healing on the emotional level - This may help you overcome any fears and deal with the illness effects.
  • Healing on the mental (psychological) level - This may help you view your illness differently, bringing to your attention the lessons your condition is attempting to teach you and promoting comprehension of the causative issues.
  • Healing on the spiritual level - This may enable you to develop a more compassionate and forgiving relationship with yourself, or even to experience a peaceful death.

Consider one graphic illustration to explain the distinction between healing and curing. If someone develops gangrene in the lower leg, it may be necessary to amputate the leg below the knee to cure the infection. Hopefully, suppose the disease is caught early enough. In that case, the gangrene will be eradicated, and the wound caused by the operation will heal naturally through the body's normal repair and replication processes.

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However, an amputation does not necessarily heal the individual, as such an operation has a profound psychological, emotional, and even spiritual effect on the individual. It can have various effects, ranging from how the individual views themselves and how easy or difficult it is for them to accept their new body image to the individual's relationships with other people.


Whether they continue to feel loved or attractive, or whether they anticipate (or receive) rejection from others due to their disabling condition. It also affects how they live daily, coping with the impairments to mobility or dexterity that amputation can cause, their beliefs about their future aspirations, ambitions, and potential, and possibly even on whether they believe life is worth living at all.

Thus, healing is a highly personal process, but many people continue to think of it in terms of physical healing, even though the reality is much broader. Even medical science is beginning to recognize that healing is more than a collection of physical processes and it encompasses the entire person's body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

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