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How Does A Round Robin Bet Work? How To Bet Round


How does a round robin bet work? When betting on many teams or players, a round robin bet enables you to break up your wager into multiple smaller parlays. Perhaps you've spotted round robin betting as an option at your sportsbook but have been too afraid to take the plunge.

In sports betting, a round robin is just a long list of individual parlays. The term "round robin" originates from tournament formats in which each team faces off against all the others in its section. All in all, the concept is the same. Teams establish parlays to avoid playing each other.

Any sportsbook worth its salt will let you split your bets over many games in a way that mimics the structure of a parlay. Your potential number of parlay combinations increases exponentially as the number of games you choose grows, perhaps reaching the thousands if you select enough teams. Book to book, round robin alternatives are presented somewhat differently.

What Is a Round Robin in Sports Betting? How to Bet a Round Robin

Pros And Cons Of Round Robins

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The 13-seed scenario is a good illustration of one of the benefits of a round robin. The most successful strategy in this round was a round robin with two-leg parlays. Not usually, but sometimes it does work out.

One way to reduce the risk of a parlay is to use a round robin. If all 13 top seeds won, the round robin would be worse than a four-leg parlay since the payout from the parlay would roll over three times as much as it would from a single wager.

The round-robin format eliminates the best-case scenario and replaces it with one in which only two of the four bets need to win in order to generate a profit greater than what would have been generated by playing the bets separately.

The expense is obviously a drawback. To participate in that round robin, you had to make six parlays. For a 13-seed round robin, it would have required putting down $60 instead of $40 for single bets or $10 for a single parlay. Since you'll need to place many parlays to complete the round-robin, it might be prudent to reduce the cost of each parlay.

People Also Ask

How Do You Win On A Round Robin Bet?

The same as with a parlay wager, a round robin wager requires a victory on each individual leg to pay off. The payoff for a round robin bet are more than those for a standard three-team parlay if all three of your selected teams win.

How Do Round Robin Payouts Work?

The payout for a round robin wager is the sum of all the parlay winners. A $15 round robin wager with each team placed at 110 would return $39.67 in winnings.

What Is A Round Robin Bet And How Does It Work?

In a round robin, you may choose from a pool of games and play various parlays. In sports, a round robin tournament functions similarly to the group stage in the World Cup or the first round of the Olympics for basketball or ice hockey. Each group has its teams play each other once.

Final Words

How does a round robin bet work? While round robins may be handled somewhat differently by various sports betting apps and websites, the process should be roughly similar to picking a parlay. Choose a minimum of three wagers, then go to the digital bet slip area and look for the round-robin option. There are then a number of other choices and associated jargon to consider.

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