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Nia Renee Hill - Facts, Biography, And Family Life Of Actress


The multi-talented Nia Renee Hill works in the entertainment industry in a variety of roles. She works as a performer, producer, writer, and actor. Along with all of the activities mentioned, she has also dabbled in fashion and is well-recognized for her performances.

The stunning African-American woman Nia Renee Hill is better known as Bill Burr's wife, in addition to the work of her hands. Despite their differences, Nia Hill, who has accomplished so much in life, has a very happy married life.

Even while she remains silent about the real events in her family life, she often posts gorgeous images on social media. Hill actively participates in emerging cultures and often reaches out to assist underserved populations. Here is all you need to know about her.

Quick Facts About Nia Renee Hill

Full nameNia Renee Hill
Age53 years old.
Date of BirthJune 2nd, 1969.
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA.
ProfessionAuthor, Filmmaker, Costume designer, Voice actor
Net worth$ 1.2 million
PartnerBill Burr
Zodiac SignGemini

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Who Is Nia Renee Hill?

Actor Nia Renee Hill rose to recognition after appearing in the film Divorce: A Love Story. The talented Pamela Fryman, who also worked with Regina King and Nia, directed this movie. In 2013, the film made its debut in packed theaters.

Later, Nia made the switch to television, where she worked on programs including Lila, Long Distance, Crashing, and, most recently, F Is for Family. Her spouse created the television show.

Nia Burr, the wife of Bill Burr, was hired to provide one of the voices for the animated program. It debuted for the first time on December 18, 2015. It is now in its fourth season, which has produced 36 episodes.

Nia was an active standup comedian before her acting career took off. She performed stand-up comedy at a variety of venues and restaurants. Nia has been on a few podcasts as a guest and shared her thoughts on different topics.

The celebrity has shown her abilities behind the camera in addition to performing. She served as the organizer, for instance, for the Dave Chappelle program. For Where's My Movie? in 2014, Nia Renee Hill would transition to wardrobe and costume design.

We discovered that Nia is a frequent blogger in terms of her writing. She has been contributing articles to XO Jane for a while now. She gives beauty advice as well as discusses the entertainment world and her love life in it. Finally, we discovered that Nia is also incredibly fashion-forward.

nia & bill burr’s LOVE STORY

Nia Renee Hill Personal Life

On June 2, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, United States, Nia Renee Hill was born. When she was quite little, her parents were divorced. Her father, a comedy act manager, was the one who raised her.

Nia Renee Hill has stepbrothers and stepsisters, but she hasn't given the public their names or those of her parents. She attended "Greensville County High School" in Virginia before enrolling at "Emerson College" in Boston, where she received her diploma in 2000.

In 2008, she met and fell in love with the comedian Bill Burr. The union took place in September 2013. The couple hasn't publicly disclosed the wedding's real date or any photos in order to protect their privacy. On January 20, 2017, they gave birth to Lola, who is often featured on her mother's Instagram page.

Professional Life Of Nia Renee Hill

As a casting assistant for the television program The Education of Max Bickford in 2001, the gifted Hill started her path to popular success in Hollywood. She joined the cast of the television show Chappelle's Show as a talent coordinator two years later, in 2003.

She continued working odd jobs up until 2009 when she made her acting debut in the short film Carpool as Rhonda. Nia Renee Hill continued to make cameos until a significant role in the 2011 television series Lila: Long Distance came her way.

Her amazing performance as the persona she portrayed received high accolades, and it catapulted her to popularity in Hollywood. After becoming well-known, the multi-talented actress decided to try her hand at writing and has produced several successful works, such as Love and Beauty.

She contributes to the women's lifestyle and community website Entertainment Blog Xo Jane as well. Nia Renee Hill worked in the costume and wardrobe division of the popular film Pizzazz: Where's My Movie?, using her talent for style (2014).

Body Measurements Of Nia Renee Hill

Nia Renee Hill weighs roughly 65 kg and is 5 feet 8 inches tall, according to her measurements. She also has lovely black eyes, and she looks stunning with her black hair.

Nia Renee Hill Husband Bill Burr

Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill were united in marriage in September 2013. Bill and Nia have two children: Lola Burr, a girl born on January 20, 2017, and a boy due in June 2020. In the year 2008, she met and fell in love with the comedian Bill Burr.

The couple and their two children live an opulent lifestyle in Los Angeles. Nia Hill was named one of The Richest's Top 10 Sexiest Wives and Girlfriends of Comedians in 2014 after marrying Burr. She is also a compassionate woman who constantly lends a hand to others. She enjoys spending time with her buddies.

Controversy Surrounding Nia Renee Hill

Many websites utilize actress Regina King's face instead of Nia Renee Hill's, which necessitates Nia Renee Hill repeatedly mentioning it on social media. She also evidently found it annoying that Regina King was often mistaken for her in Google searches.

And on January 4, 2018, she tweeted about it. Nia Renee Hill said that this was caused by the racial stereotyping of internet media and was backed by a lot of famous people and their followers.

Net Worth Of Nia Renee Hill

The estimated net worth of Nia Renee Hill is $1.2 million. The popular actress has always given her best effort in all of her ventures. for her extensive career in Hollywood.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Nia Renee Hill?

53 years old.

What Profession Does Nia Renee Hill Hold?

She is an actor.

How Long Have Bill And Nia Been Together?

9 years.


Nia Renee Hill is an accomplished African-American actress, writer, and producer who has appeared on several TV programs. The actress, who has dabbled in design as well, is also well-known for being married to well-known comedian Bill Burr. Lila, Long Distance, Divorce: A Love Story, Crashing, and many more of her best-known works are included here.

She differs from other people, however, in that she won't give the media access to personal information. Her modest way of living reflects her character. She also works hard to better society and frequently visits underserved areas. She has recently shown her support for initiatives for equal rights.

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