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Sanpaku Eyes Meaning - Beware Of Sanpaku


This article revolves around the sanpaku eyes meaning. Why should you be interested in this matter? This complex and unique body part is said to have the ability to predict what will happen in the future. This article tells you why.

According to an article titled "Zen Macrobiotic Diet Raises Questions From Our Readers," written by Mildred Loomis in 1965 and culled from reputable research references, Sakurazawa predicted the assassination of President Kennedy in 1960 on the theory that Kennedy was a sanpaku. Sakurazawa Nyoiti is the author of the book entitled "You Are All Sanpaku."

Sanpaku eyes literally translates to "three whites," which refers to how an eye can be divided into four segments, with the whites taking up three of the four. Sanpaku occurs when the white of someone's eye can be seen above or below the iris. According to this research source, having a sanpaku means you are in a very bad state of physical and spiritual imbalance.

It indicates that a person with sanpaku is more likely to get sick, and they are more likely to be in an accident or have something bad happen to them. So you can see why Sakurazawa makes sense of what happened to President Kennedy in the past.

However, sanpaku is believed to be a reliable predictor of the future in Japanese folklore. When Japanese writer George Osawa began using the eyes of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe to predict their deaths in the 1960s, the belief in this superstition spread rapidly throughout the West.

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Since then, there has been a lot of pointless talk about the link between sanpaku and one's fate.

Sanpaku Eyes Below

If you can see white at the bottom of your eyes, watch out, because the world is after you. If you have this condition, you might be in danger from the outside world. Don't believe me? Just look at what a few famous people have done in the past.

Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson has whites under his eyes, and his girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart recently broke up with him. JFK also had sanpaku at the bottom of his eyes, and let's simply say that Robert Pattinson got off easy.

Sanpaku Eyes Meaning Death

A grayscale picture of Charles Manson with his eyes wide open
A grayscale picture of Charles Manson with his eyes wide open

On the other hand, if the whites of your eyes are visible when you look up, you should probably take a few deep breaths and try to calm down a little bit. If you have whites below your eyes, it is said that you are in danger from the outside world.

However, if you have whites above your eyes, it is said that you are in danger from your own internal world, which means that you are unable to control your emotions, which in turn causes you to do terrible things. Sanpaku eyes above or yang sanpaku often display by psychopaths, murderers, and serial killers. This particular eyes carries a mental instability characterized by extreme and uncontrollable anger.

People believe that it is safe to say that Charles Manson, the leader of the cult known as the Manson Family, does not have the best example of self-control because he has sanpaku eyes. Manson killed actress Sharon Tate and four other people in his Los Angeles home.

Ohsawa, who was mentioned a while ago, became well-known in the West for talking about macrobiotics and the word "Sanpaku." He said that people with this condition should eat a lot of whole grains, vegetables, and dried fruits to help reverse the effects.

People who have Sanpaku's eyes are thought to be more likely to get sick or die in an accident, so these rules were made. Later on, a large number of people became terrified that they would die as a result of their eyes.

They chose to have surgery to correct their condition. There are even medical professionals in Japan who are qualified to perform surgery on Sanpaku's eyes.

Sanpaku Eyes Curse

Kate Gavino, author of the book Sanpaku (2018), stated that if you have sanpaku eyes, you are carrying a spirit of bad luck or an unfortunate state caused by unfavorable outcomes. Gavino revealed:

In my household, as in many very traditional Asian households, to have sanpaku would mean you’d be cursed or carry around some bad luck. Only trinkets from the Buddhist temple, or whatever religion the family believes in, would protect those who had sanpaku eyes. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones in my family to not be “cursed” with sanpaku eyes.

Nerds Color, an online community of fans who love superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, and video games, interviews Gavino over Skype about her book about sanpaku. Believe it or not, there is a community that strongly supports Sanpaku. They asked Gavino if she truly believed it, especially after doing research on it. She stated:

I think, in the end, I don’t believe in the aspect of Sanpaku where they think that if you have Sanpaku that means there’s an imbalance in your body or you need to change your lifestyle. But, I definitely think it’s an interesting concept to just research just because it is based on very tangible things like changing your diet will obviously change you physically and eating healthier will change your state of mind as well.

Meanwhile, Gavino also admitted that there are some things she finds difficult to believe in. Here is another video about the guy who strongly believed in the curse carried by Sanpaku.

Guy Claims This One Facial Feature Might Mean You’re Cursed!

This particular video elicits different reactions from the 12.5K viewers. Here are some of the comments who are against the notion of Sanpaku's eyes curse:

One Youtube user commented: "it's just another dumb urban legend to provoke fear, you won't die based on an eye shape."

Another comment reads: "y’all do realize that these eyes can just appear over time due to trauma and stress, right?"

Sofya P, a Youtube user, strongly condemns this, where she said:

Guys you do understand that all of us have some white underneath our pupils and you can see it when we look up don't you guys. [In] the case with billie is that she usually looks just a little bit up when a photo of her is shooting actually a lot of artistic & creative people (actors, singers etc.) do these eyes when a picture of them is being taken so their eyes look deeper & mysterious in some kinda way. Moreover when you look down you show the upper white of your eye so yeah. It's just (bullshit) a conspiracy theory and shouldn't be taken seriously at all.

Moreover, one commenter mentioned: "It's just an eyeshape. It doesn't determine how you die. I have these yet I'm still alive and kicking."

Are Sanpaku Eyes Bad

The direct answer to the question above is yes. According to practitioners of various forms of East Asian traditional medicine, the presence of yin sanpaku eyes signifies that the person has a physical or mental condition that has upset the body's equilibrium.

For individuals whose white that appears above the iris of the eye is more noticeable, internal danger may be present. People with yang sanpaku eyes are more likely to be psychopaths, violent, and angry.

This fits with what the article says about Manson, an American criminal who was part of a group called the Manson family. Because he has sanpaku eyes, he has a hard time keeping his feelings in check, and in the end, he killed a lot of people.

Do I Have Sanpaku Eyes?

VEDA #5 - Sanpaku Eyes (of death and destruction)

How To Get Rid Of Sanpaku Eyes

  • Many people think that the downward pull of the tongue or weak eye muscles causes Sanpaku eyes. People with round faces tend to make it stand out more. Asians often have sanpaku eyes, especially if they have thin skin. People often say that Sanpaku eyes are caused by weak eye muscles or the way the mouth pulls down. Rounder faces seem to accentuate it more. The key to reducing the appearance of "sanpaku eyes," a common problem among Asians, especially those with thin skin, is to soften the outer corners of the eyes. This problem can be fixed with surgery, but there are also a number of eye care products on the market that can help.
  • Dark eye shadows should be avoided.
  • Sagging bags should be smoothed out.
  • Do 'Eye Exercise' to strengthen your muscles located in your eyes. Eye exercises can help you improve your vision. Begin by gazing at something far away for thirty seconds. Then close your eyes and get as close to an object as possible. These exercises will help to correct your Sanpaku eyes over time.
  • Change your diet to a healthier one.
  • Plastic or facial reconstruction.

Sanpaku Eyes Psychology

A photo of sanpaku eye and a normal human eye
A photo of sanpaku eye and a normal human eye

Sanpaku eyes are a topic of interest for psychologists who are actively involved in researching and understanding mental and brain processes and behavior. Japanese face reading says that different parts of your face can reveal things about your personality, skills, and life. One part of face reading is called "sanpaku," which means "three whites."

When you look in the mirror at your own eyes, you can see the whites (sclera) on either side of each iris. But if there's white above or below the iris, too, your eyes are called sanpaku, which means they have three whites.

Sanpaku has two more types: yin sanpaku and yang sanpaku. The white below the iris is called Yin Sanpaku. Traditionally, yin sanpaku means that you may face some kind of threat or danger from the outside world or that you tend to put yourself in dangerous situations.

Yang sanpaku, on the other hand, is the white above the iris. It is thought to indicate that you are more likely to be in danger from yourself.In other words, it's more likely that you'll have trouble controlling unwanted emotions, which could hurt both your behavior and your health as a whole.

But Healthline, an American website that gives accurate health information and is based in San Francisco, California, said that researchers have said that there is no scientific evidence to support any link between sanpaku and psychopathic traits. Sanpaku eyes and frequent facial expressions don't tell you anything about a person's character or mood.

Someone’s habitual facial expressions can absolutely offer clues to their personality or mood. That said, no scientific evidence to date supports any association between sanpaku and psychopathic traits.

- Healthline, an american website based in California that provides accurate health information

What The Research Reveals

When researchers looked at the eyes or gaze of people with and without traits of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), they noticed two main differences. Antisocial personality disorder, also called sociopathy, is a mental disorder in which a person consistently doesn't care about right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others.

Here's a quick summary of what they found. In 2018, researchers looked into the link between psychopathic traits and how the pupils respond to stimuli.

When researchers looked at the eyes or gaze of people with and without traits of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), they noticed two main differences. Antisocial personality disorder, also called sociopathy, is a mental disorder in which a person consistently doesn't care about right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others.

Here's a quick summary of what they found. In 2018, researchers looked into the link between psychopathic traits and how the pupils respond to stimuli.

First, the researchers looked at 82 male psychiatric hospital patients and measured their primary and secondary psychopathy traits. Primary psychopathy traits are things like not feeling guilty, not caring about other people, and having a tendency to manipulate. While secondary psychopathy traits include things like breaking the law, having behavior problems, acting on impulse or taking risks.

Then, they showed the participants a mix of pictures, videos, and sounds that were meant to make them feel bad, good, or nothing at all. People with higher levels of primary psychopathy had smaller pupils when they looked at bad pictures or angry faces than other people.

Experts didn't see any difference in how much the pupils dilated in response to any of the positive images or audio clips. They also didn't find a similar response in people who scored high on tests of secondary psychopathy but not primary psychopathy.

What is the important takeaway at this point? It's best to refrain from assuming anything about a person's personality based solely on their appearance or body language. Every person experiences personality disorders differently, just like every other mental health condition.

The skills and knowledge required to correctly diagnose ASPD or any challenging types of behavior are only available to trained mental health professionals. They won't look into a person's eyes to make this diagnosis; instead, they will look for persistent patterns of exploitation and manipulation in their behavior.

People Also Ask

What Do Sanpaku Eyes Indicate?

According to Sanpaku, you are more likely to face an internal threat. In other words, you're more likely to struggle with unwanted emotions, which could have a negative impact on both your behavior and overall well-being.

Are Sanpaku Eyes Unlucky?

Sanpaku is an eye condition in which the white part of the eye is visible above or below the iris, as we all know from this article about sanpaku eyes meaning. The sclera is the white area above or below the eye. People with these eyes are considered unlucky in Chinese and Japanese superstition.

Are Sanpaku Eyes True?

If you are asked if sanpaku eyes are true and real, it is safe to say that it depends on the person and what they truly believe in. Some still believe in the curse of having a sanpaku because they have experienced a near-death situation, but for others, your fate does not depend on the shape of your eyes or the position of your iris.

What Do Eyes Say About A Person?

People often say that a person's eyes show what they are thinking and how they feel. Also, the shape of your eyes can give you clues about your personality. People with such eyes are likely to be open-minded and willing to see things from different points of view.

Final Thoughts

Do you still have doubts about the sanpaku eyes' meaning? It's understandable. After all, it's our actions that determine our outcomes, not fate.

Interestingly, the country of origin, Japan, doesn't even take this superstition seriously. Actually, people with this trait are considered extremely adorable in Japan. Don't give a hoot about silly myths about people with Sanpaku eyes. Instead, embrace them as a part of your identity that makes you special and attractive.

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